Fuller Falls

Fuller Falls
making the grab

Geo Hobbit

Then is was bush wacking and rock jumping up the hill west of the falls at about a 75 degree grade. No defined trail and rocks covered with dry leaves but we kept the climb going. Nearing the top, the trick was to find a passage over the huge rocks to the GZ. about 100' from the cache, we went past and around the huge rock wall to and came in from behind. We were both pretty tired by now and had to scale down the ace of the rocks to a large flat area closing in on the GZ. But we were too far north of the cache and could only get within 25'. So over another huge rock to another flat area and with reading the hint we were able to find the prize. The cache was not hidden at all, it was all but out in the open. 

Never know what you are going to run into. The find took us a good 2 hours to complete and it was a very satisfying find. We took our rest and drove into town for a nice lunch Then walked on the Ernie Maxwell Trail and found a few more, topped off with a refreshing snowball fight. 
Truly a great Caching Adventure!

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