Tumwater Falls

Olympia Washington.

Sun Dial

This was along the trail at Pulgas Ridge open area. I think its a Sun
Dial I found quit a few geocaches and managed a nice 6.5 mile hike.
This area dogs get to go off the leash.


24 June 2009. Stonwall peak. Breanna and I had a nice hike, but ended with a DNF on the other side :(

On the way back we found a few caches, all in all a very enjoyable day.

Which way?

Wild horse or the saddle?

Wild flowers or weeds?

Wild flower out in the spring. Wildhorse trail at Dripping Springs.

Golden Gate Park SF

In December I started working a project at the VA Medical Center in San Francisco. Well there were a lot of challenges with the project and I had to stay in the bay area for weeks. This gave me the opportunity to do quite a bid of Geocaching in the Bay Area. I spent most of my time in Golden Gate Park. I quickly found that even though you are in a crowded city you can find solitude inside the park. There are always plenty of other people walking, jogging, biking or picnicking in the park, but no one seemed to notice or cared what anyone else was doing. I even walked onto a "Disk Golf" course searching for a cache and some young men just continued playing disk golf around me.

There is a lot of history in the park like the Horseshoe grounds. 

 credit irwinSports owner of GC1EMQM Ringers Only
Original construction was done by the WPA in the earily 1930s. Back in the 1970s when I was President of the Golden Gate Horseshoe Pitchers Association this was a beautiful place. Two major three day tournaments and several one day events would be held here each summer. I miss the excitement of the tournaments. Homeless people sleeping in the Golden Gate Park have destroyed this part of the park. Run-down as it is, this is still a good place to practice.
I found this one on a raining day with no one around. Even though the street was only yards away, it was a very peaceful place. There are statues, monuments and places dedicated to this cause and that. Really added to the fun of geocaching.

500th Geocache Find

January 17th, 2010. This was my 500th Geocache find. "STOP HERE FOR A LITTLE HEADGC22M10 N 33° 33.878 W 117° 20.929 A new cache Los Alamos Rd. off the Tenaja Truck Trail west of Murrieta. 

I walked up over the ridge and passed it. Was pretty frightening when I turned around to see it.