Cow Meadow

On my way back from two FTF. This meadow has plenty of hides and a
nice hike

Mile Post GC1B112

Coolest Cache! Mile Post was hidden 4/7/2008 by Team Squarehead

Todduh and I found this 10 July 2009 in an area between Olympia and Shelton Washington. We had a great day of Geocaching and this was the last one in the area. We saw it from 500' away and bushwacked a gully to get to it.

When you get to it there are all the tools and boards at the base of the pole so you can personalize a sign and nail it on the post.

As you can see in the photo the Mile Post was already getting full. But there was room for us to nail our signs. We took our pictures and discussed the satisfying day of Brother Geocaching. It was a good day.

Turns our that Team Squarehead and friends realized that the post was getting full and only 9 days after Todduh and I found it, version 2 was erected

Here is their log post:

July 19, 2009 by Squarehead

"The sun was beating down on us but we got 'er done....
Two new poles and tall ones to boot... Luckily there were a couple very suitable ones lying nearby and were able to drag them to the spot and got them standing tall without a lot of effort. When I grabbed my camera to snap an 'Iwo Jima' like picture, the batteries were dead so I have none to post.
I had to leave early, but still got a piece of Emma60's delicious pie... I was gonna grab a second helping but as usual, grandpadave beat me to it."

I'm looking forward to another visit to Washington and hopefully visit the Mile Post again. 

Thanks Team Squarehead for a great Cache!