Sara Wash - Lake Havasu Arizona

So my brother asks me to meet him in Lake Havasu City to help him move into a new place. So I got to work on looking for a nice hike to take while I was there. Came across a cache called "Crack in the Wall Hike " hidden in 2002. The hike takes you down the wash or on the trail that parallels the wash until you get to the small canyon.

This is really cool, can you say "127 hours"? Glad I told someone where I was going. It's not that aggressive and there is evidence that plenty people go down this way. The rocks are all smooth from water and at one place someone left a rope to climb down a big one. Well worth the 2 mile hike to the cache. After finding the cache, I too the north trail back and up to Lizards peak. This added to the return distance but well worth the view. There is a cache called "Have a View Havasu" hidden in 2001. i like finding these old ones. From the top of Lizards Peak you can see the Giant Lizard that the locals made out of rocks about 312 degrees and down! There is also a nice place to sit while you rest.

Here is my track.
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