Kings Peak Day Two

Saturday: To the Peak and Back

Looking up Gunsight Pass Just below Gunsight Pass

Gunsight Pass Painter Basin

Almost on topKings Peak Utah - GCXMTY 

Todd and JohnChris was first to arrive the peak

13,519'We did it Brother!

The Track

Kings Peak Day One

July 2011

Friday: Henry's Fork Camp Ground

Todd at the Trailhead Log, and away we go!

FCWABO First cache with a backpack on Crossing

Campsite near Dollar Lake Dollar Lake and a good look at Kings Peak

Desert Caching

Man and Nature

 I-10 just before getting into Palm Desert area. A Earth Cache got me to stop here called "Between ranges" GC1YZEZ did my best to take a photo of me and my gps with the mountains in the back ground. 

There are so many wind birds generating electricity in this area. It is amazing to see them all turning with the natural beauty in the background. Nature and Man working together. I grabbed a couple more along the frontage road by the railroad, then headed on.
Cactus Blooms 
Sun Baked

I took the bike out and road to some desert hides along a pretty good dirt road. Doesn't take long once you get away from the freeway to see the beauty of the desert.