Mother's Day morning view from Viejas Peak in Alpine. Took the early hike up about 1.7 miles of up hill. The view is of Alpine. The trail is pretty steep with only bits without grade until you get to the top. 

Today, geocaching was like my golf game:
walk 160 yards stop and look for something in a bush, walk another 160' yards and look for something in a bush. 
All together there is a dozen hides along the trail with the final one at the top. I found all but one :( DNF! 
The Cache at the top is named 

Tax Freedom Cache because it was placed on April 17, 2005. I heard that someone calculated that to be the day this year after which the average American would be earning his or her own money, if they had been paying everything in taxes up until then. 

I will do this hike again. CLose to where I live, if you just hike round trip would take about an hour and good training for the Uintas this summer.   

Once on top I sat and had a BP&J and in an area where campers, back in the 70's, stacked rocks to break the wind. The sad part was they they used stones from a winter solstice observatory built by the native inhabitants. (infomation taken from the Tax Freedom Cache page)

There is also two Benchmarks on top dated 1938. They are part of a triangulation station hammered into the Boulders

It was a good day and a good morning work-out (like I work out - LOL)  

"Let's Go Caching"

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